Our Leathers

Crust Leather

We are pleased to offer you luxuries crust leather

This type of leather is processed for the crusting stage and prepared perfectly well for export purposes. It is made of bovine leather.

Wet Blue Leather

We are proud to offer high-quality off Wet Blue leather

It is chrome-tanned leather emanating anti-bacterial and environment friendly preservatives and it is intended for export purpose as requested. It is made of bovine.

Finished Leathers

Aniline Leather

We have the best kinds of Analin leather

The leather with a softer feel good and naturally dyed fine to take the natural color of the leather Manufactured in all required thicknesses and colors. It is used in all areas, and is made from leather of bulls.

Nubuck Leather

We guarantee you the best kinds of Nubuck leather.

A leather dyed in colors and luxury eco-friendly Used for shoes and clothing to leather belts according to the required thicknessand is made from the leathers of bulls.

Split Leather

We offer you the best quality of the Split Leather

A layer of leather has many uses, such as shoes and belts.

Vegetal Leather

We are pleased to satisfy your taste with vegetable tanned leather

The leather with excellent Smooth Softness and luxury color and Eco-friendly Are manufactured with plant material We make all the required thickness in all colors.