About Us

Kaysar Tannery, Founded in 1910 and is still a family owned business that has been passed on for four generations

Our Tannery and main office is situated in the industrial city of Adra Syria, about 30 minutes drive from the center of the Capital, Damascus.

Since ancient times humans and leather have had a special bond in so many ways, the most important is the thick clothing for warmth in the winter, not to mention the stories and poems that where written on Leather that now explains the mysteries of our past civilizations.

Now leather has Taken a very essential role in our lives, it is used in several new and improved ways, for instance.

Home furniture, Auto brushes, Footwear, and off course in the Clothing Industry.

Leather tanning in is not just repeated work that we do, But in our view it is an Art, and we must always take it to the next level using our expertise and superb sense in good taste.

We at Kaysar Tannery always strive for a better and more competitive product to build a strong future between us and our customers.

Our Professional staff in their years of experience and pure sense of responsibility in developing and upgrading our products in all of its stages, makes us one of the leading Leather Tanneries in Syria.

Our Leather Quality has reached a level where we are exporting to major Asian markets and European countries like Italy, Spain, and Germany.

Thanks to our limitless Love in what we do, Kaysar Tannery is one big Family, which has built an excellent reputation in customer care, quality control, and the best Leather goods.

We at Kaysar Leather will be proud in providing you our services, and looking forward to a prosperous future with you.